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The other day when I had several phone calls about the lack of rentals and then when I was dealing with multi-offers on a home, I thought “Ahaaaaah – 1982 and 1983 all over again!”

We arrived in Homer in August 1982 – a young family with two high schoolers and my husband starting a new job with the City of Homer.

Fortunately, we found a duplex rental right away, but we really missed our privacy and wanted a home to rent or buy.

Well, there was a total of 3 homes on the market! Yes, THREE… And no rentals!

So every day I would drive through neighborhoods looking for “empty homes,’ and then I would call EVERY real estate office to see if that “empty” house was available to rent or buy…

Now in retrospect, I can see that there was light at the end of the tunnel and obviously 40 years later we have been happy and secure in a couple of wonderful homes.

You will find a home as well, so for now, deep breath and be prepared.

– Angie Newby CCIM, CRS


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