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Filing Taxes as a Homeowner – Documents You May Need

Tax season is here! If you bought a home in 2022, you’re likely wondering how to file your taxes and how this purchase will affect your return.

Here are the main documents you may need and why:

  • Mortgage documents – this will allow you to receive a mortgage interest deduction, one of the perks of being a homeowner!
  • IRS form 1098 – Your lender should send this form to you. It reports how much mortgage interest you paid and the amount you paid for private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • Settlement statement – this is one of the documents you signed at closing. It’s a statement that is basically an itemized receipt of the transaction of buying your home. It will detail the purchase price, closing costs, taxes, and insurance.
  • Property tax statement – if your property tax payments are escrowed with your mortgage company, you’ll see them on the IRS form 1098. If they were paid at closing, you will see it on your settlement statement.

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