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Should You Invest in Short-Term Rentals on the Kenai Peninsula in 2022?

According to AirDNA, a company that provides data and analytics for the short-term rental industry, the Kenai Peninsula is one of the best places in the United States to invest in vacation rentals in 2022. It ranked number 2 on their list, which comes as no surprise to those of us who have lived inContinue reading “Should You Invest in Short-Term Rentals on the Kenai Peninsula in 2022?”

Why Should You Choose an Independently Owned Brokerage?

There are many franchise real estate companies out there that most of us are familiar with. You can probably think of several right off the top of your head. However, just because you are familiar with their name, doesn’t mean they are the best or safest choice. Independent brokerages have the freedom to make decisionsContinue reading “Why Should You Choose an Independently Owned Brokerage?”

Marjolein Cardon: Welcome to the Homer Real Estate Team!

This week we welcomed a new member to our team: Marjolein Cardon! We’re so excited to have her on board and wanted to share a bit of information from her life and experiences to celebrate! “How I got here: I was born in North Holland. My mom full blooded Dutch, a missionary nurse, and myContinue reading “Marjolein Cardon: Welcome to the Homer Real Estate Team!”

Fact, Fiction, or Reality?

BEING EDUCATED AND BEING SMART IS A MUST!!! In today’s market, it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to be educated about the REAL ESTATE PROCESS of buying and selling. Yes, you have a very strong emotional tie to your home whether you are buying or selling…but KNOW THE MARKET – facts, fiction, and reality. FACTContinue reading “Fact, Fiction, or Reality?”